Global Natural Resources Plc

Bearer Share Warrants

Global Natural Resources Properties Limited bearer share warrant holders, registered shareholders of Global Natural Resources Plc & Global Natural Resources Inc, and other former investors in I.O.S. Investors Overseas Services Fund of Funds:

 You may be entitled to payment arising through liquidation, distributions and/or share exchanges.

Prompt action is required as there is a time limit on some claims.

Global Natural Resources Properties Limited Claims Form

Global Natural Resources research report

Shareholders in I.O.S. Investors Overseas Services and Transglobal Financial Services, as well as investors in other IOS funds – including Investment Properties International {IPI}, International Investment Trust {IIT}, North European Oil, Canadian Venture Fund, Venture Fund Limited, Value Capital Ltd, Regent Fund, I.O.S. Growth Fund and Transglobal Growth Fund  may also be entitled to make claims. For details select from the list below: