Global Natural Resources Bearer Share Claims

Global Natural Resources Properties Ltd

Global Natural Resources Plc / Global Natural Resources Inc.

Global Natural Resources Properties Limited Bearer Share

Investors Overseas Services Fund of Funds, a Canadian based open-ended mutual fund was first offered to the public in 1962. On 7 August 1970, Fund of Funds Limited declared a dividend-in-kind payable to 112,000 shareholders of record.

Shareholders were to receive one share of Global Natural Resources Plc, a newly organized non-resident UK company (resident Jersey, Channel Islands) for every share held. Global was authorized to issue both registered and bearer shares. Dividend shares were not sent to bearer shareholders, but rather were delivered only upon request.

On July 26, 1983, Pursuant to a Scheme of Arrangement issued in compliance with the English Companies Act, Global Natural Resources Plc changed domicile from the United Kingdom to the United States. For details regarding share redemption complete the form below.